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  • Girl: Mahal mo ba ko?
  • Boy: Mahal na mahal.
  • Girl: Hindi mo ba ako sasaktan.
  • Boy: Hindi ko maipapangako.
  • Girl: Hindi mo ko iiwan ?
  • Boy: Gaya ng sabi ko hindi ko maipapangako.
  • Girl: Ano ba yan? Siguro di mo talaga ako mahal kaya ganyan.
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  • Boy: Wag mo sanang husgahan ang pagmamahal ko sayo dahil ikaw lang ang minahal ko ng ganito. Di ko maipapangakong di kita masasaktan dahil ang sakit kapares na ng pagmamahal yan. Di ko rin maipapangakong di kita iiwan dahil hindi ko hawak ang panahon at Diyos lamang ang makakapagsabi n'yan. Ang tanging maipapangako ko lang sayo ay itong pag-ibig ko. Habang humihinga pa ako mananatiling tapat at totoo ako sayo.

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How They Make Sex Scenes

This made me laugh for about 100 years


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Hoping that you wont tell me that. Im not the one for you. You deserve someone better. Better hurt me now not in the next day that i really cant get over you.

I was captured by him. He captivated my heart.

Read it.

You should read this one time Jr.

I don’t know if its just me or what there is something changing in the way we treat each other and i don’t like it. Less talk less approach. I don’t like it. I wasn’t really taking all your time. I was just getting a part of it. I am not demanding to put all your attention and your time to me, but at least give me a piece of it. I don’t like goodbyes nor changes. I was really hoping that you are the right one for me. Im praying really hard that it is right to choose you. That I’m right to let my self fall for you. And yeah. I did, i fell really hard. Don’t make me regret this feeling. Don’t make me change into someone i never imagine to be me. Don’t change. Stay the same love me unconditionally, Care for me every now and then, Text me/ call me whenever you’re free. Tell me you love me every now and then. Was that too much? I’m sorry but you made me love you. So you should love me back. Please don’t cheat on me. Don’t talk to the girls that I don’t like. I am not immature nor matured. I just think according to my age and if what i think is right. You know i love you too much and i cant imagine you breaking me. Please don’t hurt me. We cant avoid arguments and problems but i hope we’ll survive them together and make us more stronger. I trust you to much, So please don’t break it. Don’t change and please take care of my fragile heart.

Have you ever imagined that we can be like this? No, right? We didn’t too, it was really unimaginably crazy. I didn’t imagine myself falling for this man. I been a snob back then (hs days) i never really befriended him, Maybe i was talking to him sometimes or laughing at his jokes but not too close. We aren’t close. I was just shocked that suddenly he fell for me. Then i did too (eventually). This is really nice. I wasn’t thinking of these possibilities. Who would have though right? But thank God that he came in to my life. He’s a generous man, loving, and a gentleman. He’s wasn’t the ideal or perfect man. But We are perfect for each other. Thankyou for always being there Jr ko, Bae, Love, Xian ko, Turtle ko, Kulit ko. Iloveyou and hope we’ll not stop loving, trusting, respecting each other.


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